Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

The ALT is a position within the Nanae Town Board of Education.  ALTs work within Nanae Elementary and Junior High Schools, and assist with the preparation and teaching of English classes. Previously, like many other towns in Japan, Nanae had contracted its ALTs through the JET program.  Starting in 2011, Nanae began to hire its ALTs directly, placing an emphasis on cultural exchange with Concord (its sister-city).  With this in mind, Nanae ALTs are expected not only to assist with the preparation and teaching of English lessons, but also to help foster the sister-city relationship between Concord and Nanae by coordinating school exchanges, giving presentations and assisting with other projects relating to the sister-city connection.

The Town of Nanae provides the ALT with subsidized housing (you are required to pay for utility expenses), a car, and a monthly salary of about $3,000 USD (paid in Japanese yen).

To be eligible, an applicant must:

a. be a resident of Concord; and
b. have a college degree; and
c. be enthusiastic and respectful towards the sister-city relationship and Japanese culture.

For further information about the position, please send an email to

Nanae Board of Education Housed within the Culture Center (Bunka Center)

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