CIR (Coordinator of International Relations)

The CIR is a position within the international relations section of the town government of Nanae, Japan. The mission of the CIR is to further the sister city relationship between Concord and Nanae.  This is achieved through an array of educational and diplomatic initiatives.  The current CIR duties include:

  • teaching 8 English conversation classes each week
  • translating international correspondences and official town documents
  • helping organize and lead foreign exchange trips to and from the United States
  • giving cultural presentations/lectures to local groups and organizations
  • leading and participating in local events which focus on cultural exchange
  • writing articles (with a focus on cross-cultural themes) for local publications

The Town of Nanae provides the CIR with subsidized housing (you are required to pay for utility expenses), a car, and a monthly salary of about $3,000 USD (paid in Japanese yen in 2014).

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  1. be a resident of Concord; and
  2.  have a college degree; and
  3.  be enthusiastic and respectful towards the sister-city relationship and Japanese culture.

Nanae Town Office (Yakuba)

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