Tom Curtin and Mr. Watanabe greet in NanaeThe Concord delegation that went to Nanae in July 2005 included two former selectmen (Jim and Judy Terry), a Concord citizen (Junko Kargula), the superintendent of schools (Brenda Finn), three CCHS teachers (Tom Curtin, Al Dentino, and David Nurenberg), two Concord Middle School teachers (Sue Curtin and Kathryn Stanley), and three elementary school teachers, one each from the Alcott, Thoreau, and Willard Elementary Schools (Bev Gauthier, Tom Hourihan and Sue Guest).

The group arrived at Hakodate Airport on Monday, June 27 and were warmly received by members from the International Relations Section and members of the Concord Nanae Network (CNN).

The Concord Delegation enjoys its first mealAfter a brief tour of Nanae and a courtesy visit to the Town Office, the delegation was taken to a local restaurant for a superb meal. Warm greetings were shared. Gifts were given. An excellent time was had by all in attendance.

A central goal of the delegation was to visit the Fujishiro, Onuma, and Togeshita Elementary Schools. First was the Fujishiro Elementary School. After looking at the Alcott School bulletin board in the lobby, the delegation went to the principal’s office. Next the delegation entered the school gym and sat at the front near the stage. There were speeches, an exchange of gifts, and a marvelous dance performance by the Fujishiro students. Everyone was very impressed with the students’ skills and their warm welcome.

The Onuma Elementary School was the next stop. The principal received a Thoreau School t-shirt before taking the group into a school assembly in the gym. Again, there were speeches and a gift exchange, followed by dancing. This time guests and students danced together in a circle led by a woman in kimono.

-Dr. Tom Curtin

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