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Welcome to the newly formatted “”.  If you’ve visited this site before, you’ve probably noticed it looks quite a bit different lately!  By changing the site’s appearance I am hoping to provide a more visual experience for readers.  Friends back home often ask me, “what’s Japan/Hokkaido/Nanae like?”  and conversely, I often find Japanese people asking me, “what kind of place is Concord?”  Rather than simply tell you about it, it’s much more effective if I show you, and with that in mind I’m hoping to incorporate a lot of useful media elements into the blog section and information pages of this site.  This starts with the photo slider on the main page, which I hope to use as a way to advertise new content relating to everything Concord-Nanae!  Please check back often, as new pictures and links will be appearing frequently on the main page.

Additionally, you’ll notice that blog posts now feature the author’s picture on the left hand side. Now that there are two Concordians working in Nanae, its my hope that this site can become a true “multi-author blog”.  David McLean Shoup, the new Nanae ALT, is an experienced writer and blogger, so look out for his picture popping up on some new posts soon!  Between the two of us, we’re hoping to feature new blog content every week!


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