Nanae Bunka-sai (Culture Festival) (3 videos) by Ben Mirin and Ben Haydock

Post by Ben Mirin, CIR
Videography by Ben Mirin and Emi Kimura

The following are three short videos shot independently with my iPhone at the Nanae Bunka-sai on October 30th, 2011. These were originally filmed for upload on my live video feed at However, due to some persistent problems with my account, I am re-posting these videos here. The quality is…well, iPhone quality. Enjoy!

Bonsai at Nanae Bunka-sai

Bonsai at Nanae Bunka-sai Part 2 Feat. Ben Haydock

Apples at Nanae Bunka-sai

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One Reply to “Nanae Bunka-sai (Culture Festival) (3 videos) by Ben Mirin and Ben Haydock”

  1. Well done, Bens — and camera woman Emi! Seeing these handmade and natural “works of art” is impressive and gives us all a deeper glimpse into the people and culture of our sister city. Keep up the great work — learning from you is really enjoyable! Best wishes, and a Happy Thanksgiving coming up! Sue

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