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  1. Hi , Ben ! I`m Hajime.
    I `ve watched this video 3 times.
    At first I think it`s made really good.
    You talk like a professional reporter ( so fluently).

    Now several my opinions on this video.
    1. At first scene, you talk to us while walking.
    I feel it`s better to start not moving, just standing at some point.
    2. You showed us the Trash stock site of town office.
    May be it`s a special trash site or cage.
    That is , it`s different from usual trash collecting site or cage people use.
    So I hope you present Nanae`s common sites.
    3.You showed the trash separating system and the colored plastic bags.
    I think it`s better to tell how much people pay for this system by buying these bags.
    4. I suppose it`s a good point of you to send the fact which people wash some trashes for easy recycling. But when you washed a can and a can and a noodle container you left a tap water running….what a shame!
    5. Watching this video, I convince that you and camera operator (Emi) are in good team-work. I look forward to watching a new video from your good team. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Hajime! I appreciate the feedback. I’ve added a photograph of a more typical trash collection bin in Nanae to the Photos section of the website.
      I didn’t know that trash bags were particularly expensive, but I can imagine having to pay a lot for burnable (blue) and plastic (white). I go through these bags at least once every week!
      I’m not sure why the water runs in the Yakuba kitchen. There’s a second faucet constantly running in that sink, and I’m still confused as to why it stays on all the time.

  2. Hello Ben,

    I’ve seen 2 videos, recycling and convenience store. Your viewpoint is good food for foreigners and also Japanese people. Of course there are some small misunderstandings about recycling in your video, but it is O.K. because you are on your way (like my English) to surviving here. You can learn once at a day.
    For us…
    I sometimes feel something different from foreigners when we share the same experiences. I realize I am Japanese. At the same time it gives me a good opportunity to look back at myself, my cultural background, and our country’s problems…and I recognize anew how much I like Japan. I am sorry I can’t write more because of tiring from work (I’m a typical Japanese!)

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