A Visit to Ohnakayama Common

By Ben Mirin, CIR

Camera Operator: Emi Kimura

Last week I made a special visit to Ohnakayama Common, Nanae’s beloved community center. I wanted to learn more about this important gathering place and its role in Nanae daily life, and to provide prospective visitors from Concord and beyond with an inside look at the rich variety of activities it can offer.

The clubs featured in this video are Ball-Tennis and Choir, respectively. The Common is also host to many clubs dedicated to traditional Japanese arts, including flower arrangement (Ikebana), tea ceremony, and Japanese martial arts. Finally, it is the site for the majority of the eikaiwa (pronounced “Ay kai wah,” meaning English conversation) classes that I teach every week.

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One Reply to “A Visit to Ohnakayama Common”

  1. Hi Ben and Emi. Again you made a good job.
    I think you introduce Oonakayama Common very nicely,
    because I can feel how much people love this place through your video.
    Is there any place like this in Concord?
    If there are some, I` d like to know about them.

    I wait your next video . By…

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