Tsunami Evacuations in Hakodate, Japan (Part 2)

By Ben Mirin, CIR

March 12th, 2011

Interviewees: Akiko Tanaka (student, Aomori Prefecture); Toru Maruyama (volunteer, Hakodate).

Special thanks again to Hideyo Sasaki for her invaluable assistance translating and filming during these interviews.

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2 Replies to “Tsunami Evacuations in Hakodate, Japan (Part 2)”

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  2. Dear Ben,

    You are doing a great job in sharing the news from Japan. So many people have appreciated your efforts.

    Last night we had a beautiful service at the Old South Church in Boston expressing the care and concern of our Massachusetts people for all of you in Japan. It was sponsored by the Japan Society and there was a very good attendance. Governor Duval Patrick was with us to share his support for the Japanese people. Rick Wheeler

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