Sister Cities Ep 8: Harvard University

Produced by Nanae International Relations and Domestic Affairs
Directed by the CIR

Here it is! Episode 8, featuring the lovely Michiru Sakurai. Enjoy.

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One Reply to “Sister Cities Ep 8: Harvard University”

  1. Dear Friends, This is a magnificent presentation on the part of both individuals. To witness how Ben and the wonderful Michiru-San carried on their respective exchanges is a wonderful testimony to the strength of the relationship that binds our two cultures together. As a resident of Concord and having shared with our family the wonder of living in Japan for four years during the last century, it is truly a great pleasure to see how the following generations are doing so much to bring us together. I might mention that our youngest child was born in Japan on Boy’s day back in 1967! We treasure the many memories. Rick Wheeler

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